Location and access to Towervillas

The island of Lefkada (also known as Lefkas, Levkas or Leucade) is connected to continental Greece by a free road bridge. Located in the Ionian Islands (near Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos) their is a lot of options to reach it. 

By plane

  • Préveza airport (Aktio) to 20 km
  • Ioannina airport 130 km
  • Corfu airport 1h by boat via Igoumenitsa, then 130 km
  • Athens airport 390 km

Flights to Preveza - Aktio airport (PVK)

From April to October, many charters from the majority of the European capitals, to Preveza - Aktio or Corfu.
You can find a list of flights landing to Preveza airport referenced by SkyScanner.

  • Stockholm (Novair)
  • Gothenburg (Novair)
  • Copenhagen (Novair, Tomas Cook)
  • Oslo (Novair, Tomas Cook)
  • Helsinki (Thomas Cook)
  • Bern (SkyWork Airlines)


  • Nurenberg (Airberlin, Tuifly)
  • Roma Fiumicino (Blu-Express)
  • Amsterdam (Transavia)


  • Amsterdam (Tuifly)



  • Bern (Helvetic)
  • Brno (Smart Wings)
  • Ostrava (Smart Wings)
  • Prague (Smart Wings)


  • Amsterdam (Transavia)
  • Dusseldorf (Airberlin, Tuifly)
  • Munich (Airberlin, Tuifly)
  • Vienna (Austrian)
  • Stuttgart (Airberlin, Tuifly)
  • Malmo (Novair, Malmo Aviation)
  • Innsbruck (Austrian)
  • Helsinki (Finnair)
  • Frankfurt (Condor)


  • Manchester (Thomsonfly, Thomas Cook, Monarch)
  • London (Thomsonfly, Monarch, Thomas Cook)

Scheduled flights all the year via Athens then

  • bus Athens → Lefkada
  • rent a car with AVIS or or any other company or els contact us, we can book for you.

By car + boat

Join Venise port, AncôneBari or Brindisi in Italy then boat to Igoumenitsa (130 km of Lefkada). Several daily departurtes all the year long.


Many regular interior lines in Greece are priovided by KTEL

  • Tel. Lefkada bus station: +30 26450 22795 or +30 26450 22364
  • Tel. Athens bus station : +30 21051 50108 (connection from airport to bus station (Kifisos Intercity bus Station) line X93


  • Athens  Lefkada (5 hours), 4 times a day
  • Lefkada  Sivota (30 km), 3 to 6 times a day

Thyme Tower (More Photos)

When you enter the gate at Tower Villas, you see a place where you feel safe and relaxed.In Thyme Tower you will enter the circular kitchen with its own dining area and to your right you see the cosy sitting area. Walking through you come to the spacious terrace with permanent shade, privacy and views. The pool is one level down and big enough to really swim and is surrounded by a sunny area with trees and a lawn .

Start From€150.00

Mint Tower (More Photos)

Mint Tower is the second of the Tower Villas with a leisurely lounge atmosphere. The comfortable sit-tee is flanked by a lounge seat with inviting big pillows and from the lounge you step straight on the elevated wooden deck or even better straight into the pool.The villa breathes leisure and relaxation and offers you all the comfort required for a super-time.

Start From€150.00

Rose Tower (More Photos)

Where the first two Tower Villas have round towers, Rose Tower is a magnificent square castle towering above all the others. This is a place where children can imagine to live in a real live fairy-tail, a square castle a round pool and plenty of places to hide. When you enter the Tower you are in the spacious lounge-kitchen where you will be caught by the joyous colors of the interior.

Start From€150.00